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Tow Tractor Training

Course Details

This training course is conducted on client premises to allow operators to use a specific Tow Tractor.

Course Duration

  • 1 – 3 days depending on experience.
  • Maximum of 4 trainees per course

Course Objectives

After this training course the operator should be able to: –

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the rated capacity of a Tow Tractor.
  • Carry out a pre-use inspection.
  • Able to operate safely under varying site conditions.
  • Travel (forward and reverse) with laden and un-laden trailers.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of operator’s responsibilities & relevant legislation.
  • Operate the machine safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturers instructions
  • Course Content

Relevant regulations & legislation

  • Introduction to machine controls and instruments
  • Weight assessment & tow capacity
  • Tow Truck Stability
  • Components and main types of tow tractor
  • Limitations of use
  • Emergency controls
  • Hitching & un-hitching trailers
  • Handling laden & un-laden trailers
  • Re-fuelling procedures
  • Pre-start inspection & maintenance
  • Driving in confined areas


Successful candidates will be issued with a BB TRAINING SERVICES certificate.

Tow Tractors are usually associated with the movement of aircraft and therefore training usually takes place on site at the clients location, with the clients equipment.