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Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

This course is designed to train operators in the safety aspects relating to MEWPs and the skills involved in their operation.

Novice and existing operators who have had no formal training in the operation and safety precautions to take when using MEWPs should attend this course.

Course Content

  1. Health & Safety Legislation
  2. Basic types and specifications of MEWPs
  3. Safe Working Loads
  4. Outriggers and Stabilisers
  5. Travelling in operational mode
  6. Main duties of the operator
  7. Safety Precautions
  8. Daily operational checks
  9. Safety equipment required
  10. Barriers and signs

Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPS)   When contrasted with ladders, scaffolding towers, and such like MEWPS offer a safer alternative when working at height subject to: –  

  • Operator being correctly trained
  • Having the correct platform for the job
  • Suitable preparation having been made in the working area

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Practical Training

  • Setting up the MEWP
  • Travelling with the MEWP
  • Locating the platform in an elevated working position
  • Emergency lowering procedures
  • Inspection and servicing
  • Theoretical test
  • Practical Assessment
  • Course review and close

Maximum of 3 trainees per day.
Individual certification is issued upon completion of the course.

Choice of Course – MEWPS

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