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Manual Handling Training

Course Objectives

  • Raise awareness of manual handling operations
  • Reduce accidents / injuries
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs

Manual Handling Training Certificate Course Outline

  • Course duration is for 1 day
  • Maximum 10 delegates per day
  • Certificate of Attendance is awarded on successful completion of this training course

Manual handling

It is easy to scoff at the need for manual handling training but, poor practice at work is responsible for a third of workplace injuries, which translates in a curtailed personal social life in addition to whatever problems at work ensue.

What does manual handling cover?

  • carrying
  • lifting
  • lowering
  • pulling
  • pushing

Manual handling injuries can be avoided by a range of best practices which you will learn on our course, to book on to a course please telephone 01236 843 708 or use our contact form and we will get back to you.

Manual Handling relevance at home and in the workplace

Manual Handling Injuries

  • Injury patterns
  • Causes and avoidance of injury

Risk Factors in Manual Handling Operations

  • The Task
  • Individual capabilities & limitations
  • The Load
  • The Environment


  • Risk Assessment
  • Implementing measures to reduce risk, creating new habits.
  • The benefits of the ergonomic approach

Handling Techniques

  • Using Kinetic Lifting Principles

Good Lifting Techniques

  • Explained within the relevant workplace using the practical tasks the delegates would be expected to carry out on a daily basis.